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Basketball Read & React

basketball read & react

Basketball Read & React

What is the read & react

Read & React by basketball coach Rick Torbett ( is a framework out of which coaches can teach players basketball skills and how to use these skills in the offense.  This framework relies upon “read and reactions” in a 2 player context, which are combined into a seamless framework for 5 players.

Teaching the basketball offense requires drilling and repetition of the read and reactions into the two player context so that the become habits. Players without the ball act based upon the action of the ball handler, they “read” the action of the ball handler and “react” with a specific action. For example: the ball handler dribbles to a player, this player must basket cut (dribble at).

Why use it

  1. In this offense the player with ball has options to do multiple things. The other four players read and react to what the ball handler does, and there is only one correct off-ball movement.
  2. It is very flexible, it can be used with almost any 3-2, 4-1, 5-out offense.
  3. The Read & React can be used against both man-to-man and zone defenses, so you don’t need a separate zone offense.
  4. You can still run plays, but use the Read & React rules once the play breaks down or fails.
  5. Is a system consisting of about 17 layers. You can start in 5th grade with layers 1 and 2, and add a layer every year as the kids progress.
  6. The Read & React is perfect to teach your players defensive skills using the reaction drills, the 5 out and shell defense.
  7. Teach players all the necessary basketball skills by using the reaction drills available for all layers.

How does it work

The Read & React basketball offense consists of a number of layers which can be taught sequentially until they become habit. Each layer is taught using breakdown drills.

Read & React layers

  1. Pass & Cut
  2. Feeding the post – passing east west
  3. Dribble At
  4. Dribble penetration – Circle Movement
  5. Pin & Skip
  6. Post screens
  7. Cutter screens
  8. Ball screens

By teaching the first 4 layers to a youth team you can create a foundation for the Read & React and play a complete offense with your team.

Read & React videos

Take a look at our video page on the Read & React for more information

Read & React practice plans is currently working on creating practice plans on teaching all the layers of the Read & React. If you are interested in these practice plans and want to be updated when they are released, please fill in the contact form and select as topic: “I am interested in Read & React practice plans”

See BetterBasketball Read & React Offense for the complete coverage.


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