Create your basketball practice plan online

create your basketball practice online
  • Create your basketball practice plan online
  • View your practice plan on smartphone or tablet
  • Save, archive, print or email in PDF format
  • Add your basketball drills with 1 click to your practice plan
  • Drag & drop drills between practice plan sections
  • Share your drills with other registered coaches
  • Use drills from other national and international coaches
  • Archive your practice plans and reuse the next season
online basketball practice plan
basketball practice plan data

Basketball practice plan

Creating an online basketball practice plan is easy. Information you can add to your practice plan:

  • Location, date and time
  • Team
  • Absentees and announcements
  • Reflection
  • Practice plan sections
  • Basketball drills

View basketball practice plan

With you can create an online basketball practice plan and view it on a smartphone or tablet during practice. With the swipe function you can easily scroll through the different steps of your drills.

Save your practice plan and drills in PDF format to print, archive or email. You can archive your practice plans and reuse them next season.

An online basketball practice plan is personal, you can only view your own practice plans with your own personal information.

view your basketball drills online on tablet or amrtphone
basketball drill to basketball practice plan

Add basketball drills

After saving your practice plan you can add any basketball drill with 1 click to one of the sections of your practice plan like warming-up, fundamentals, offense techniques, defense tactics etc.

Find the perfect drill for your practice, view it and select the practice you want to use it in and click add, it’s that easy.

Practice plan completed, but not happy yet? Use the drag & drop function to move drills from one practice section to another or change the order of practice sections.

Access the shared basketball drills library

You can select basketball drills from your personal library or use drills from national or international coaches who are registered on and shared their drills with you.